The Forest Canaraua Fetii

The forest Canaraua Fetii is a fauna reserve which covers an area of 168 hectares. It includes a specific steppe vegetation and it is flanked by a forest of Balkan type. […]


The Monastery St. Andrei

The Monastery St. Andrei consists of three churches, the oldest of which was built around 1920, also being the most valuable because it shelters the relics of St. Andrei. […]


The Monastery St. Filip from Adamclisi

The Monastery St. Filip from Adamclisi was founded in 2005, being located at about 1 kilometer distance from Tropaeum Traini fortress […]


The Monastery Dervent

The monastery Dervent was built in the early twentieth century, the foundation of the present church being laid on 5 July 1936. The beginnings of the hermitage Dervent are lost in time.  […]


The house from Bugeac

The house from Bugeac – It is located in a wonderful place, between Danube and the lake Bugeacu, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and attractive sights […]